Ara Guler Museum


Ara Guler Museum is located in the renovated historical Bomonti Brewery that now functions as a multi-use cultural hub named Bomontiada. The museum occupies the 4 vaulted halls and the inbetween spaces on the basement floor of the brewery. The new functions required for the museum use (event spaces, souvenir shop, and demountable lightweight exhibition systems) are designed with minimum intervention to the existing structure.


Location | Bomonti, Istanbul 

Type | Interior design

Status| Completed

Project year | 2018

Client | Dogus Real Estate

Construction area | 900m2

Team | Pınar Gökbayrak, Ali Eray, Burçin Yıldırım, Berin Erikçi

Bağdat Cad. Rüştiye Sok. No:13/2 Fenerbahçe 34726 Kadıköy İstanbul Türkiye 

T: 0216 349 83 19    pab@pab.com.tr 

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