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Sarigol Urban Renewal

Three main design principle for the design of Sarıgöl Neighborhood is based on opendoor character. Sites unavailable for habitation is reserved as recreation areas called as “green belt”. The main town axis and center, of which the traces can be seen in the current settlement that lacks the required physical needs, are revitalized by including commercial, cultural and social facilities. The reference for the character of the designed settlement is the current organic and fragmented pattern of the site.

Location | Gaziosmanpasa, Istanbul

Type | Concept project

Project year | 2012

Client | Kentsel Strateji

Area | 373.500 m2

Team | Pınar Gökbayrak, Ali Eray, Burçin Yıldırım, Eda Yeyman, Zeynep Ceylan

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