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PAB Architects pay attention to pursue their work in different fields of architectural praxis. Hence, editorial content production, design, publishing, distribution, and marketing operations of BETONART magazine was carried out by PAB Architects in 2008-2012.

Betonart is a quarterly published and a nationally acknowledged architectural magazine including contemporary and creative architectural works which contribute to local and global architectural culture. PAB Architects had been the publisher between 2008-2012 with the responsibility of the entire content, design, publication, distribution, and marketing of Betonart which is published since 2004. Editor-in-chief of Betonart was Pınar Gökbayrak, who has been the founding editor since 2004. Ali Eray and Burçin Yıldırım were in the editorial board, while Idil Erkol was the co-editor of the magazine. Each issue of Betonart, besides innovative architectural projects worldwide, had an intention to set a different perspective to the current agenda through various reviews and a dossier “theme” prepared with an invited editor. Publishing the projects with reviews written by architectural critics and academicians triggered to take a critical stand in architectural praxis.


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